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Trollstigen Gjestegård

The guest house is located in Isterdalen, in fantastic nature at the foot of Trollstigen. If you are hungry for typical Norwegian products, this is the perfect place. If you are visiting Norway, you can get a TAXFREE discount if you shop for more than 315 Norwegian kroner.

You can walk in our shops filled with souvenirs and Norwegian design. We have sweaters, hats, caps, socks and t-shorts. We have, among other things, locally produced jams, reindeer sausages and delicious elk sausages. Apart from sausages, we have most of all trolls in all varieties, as befits you when you visit Norway's Troll Kingdom (!)

We also have many other typical Norwegian products. Find your own jewelry, cups, dolls, leather, cheese planers and crockery. All at absolutely incredible prices.

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