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Trollstigen Café


  • Bjorli sausage with mashed potatoes, garlic sour cream dressing, fried onions and fresh salad

  • Seasonal goat cheese salad with honey walnuts, seasonal berries and homemade dressing topped with parmesan and balsamic vinegar

  • Norwegian traditional sour cream porridge topped with sugar, cinnamon, butter and served with a variety of Norwegian cold meats and flatbread

  • Reindeer carbonate with confit potatoes, red onion jam, steamed vegetables and mushroom sauce served with linseed berries

  • Honey-mustard grilled salmon with confit potatoes, garlic-thyme cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, celery puree and steamed asparagus served with sour cream

  • Trollburger with cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, pickle, red onion jam, crispy salad, potato fries and fresh salad.

We also have today's soup, sandwiches, cakes, waffles and other snacks!

At the top of the sharp turns that creep up from Isterdalen, you will find Trollstigen Café in new splendor. The new service building contains a café, souvenir shops with local handicrafts, toilets, parking, beautiful water mirrors, as well as bridges and paths to view ramps.


We have an exciting a la carte menu with local dishes. The restaurant is beautifully located in the mountain landscape and offers besides a beautiful view, a unique vantage point in harmony with innovative architecture.


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