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Experience world-famous attractions, right on your doorstep ...

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Welcome to spectacular surroundings, exciting activities, comfortable accommodation and hospitable nice people.

Basecamp Trollstigen

Trollstigen Gjestegård & Camping is a fantastic starting point to experience Romsdalen at its best. Here you can stay, eat and have a short way to many exciting activities. Choose whether you want to do something here in the local area, move around a bit and experience world-famous attractions, or get help with professional and locally known guides. We are happy to help you with guidance, tips and contacts for exactly what you want to do.


Accommodation near Trollstigen

At Trollstigen Gjestegård & Camping you have several options for good accommodation. Choose between large nice cabins with all facilities, good cabins with their own shower and kitchen, simpler standard cabins and a tent site for camping. All centrally located in the heart of Isterdalen in the immediate vicinity of Trollstigen.


A-Mr. Trollstigen

A-Mr. Trollstigen

All Categories
All Categories

A-Mr. Trollstigen




“Not everyone who is on a trip,

is lost ”

JRR Tolkien

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From Geiranger, Trollstigen Camping & Gjestegård is the first campsite after Trollstigen on RV 63.

From Åndalsnes, take the E-136, drive 4 km in the direction of Dombås. Look for signs for RV 63. Drive 6 km towards Trollstigen, follow the sign "Trollstigen Gjestegård" until you find us on the right side of the road.

From Dombås If you drive on E-136, drive 100 km in the direction of Åndalsnes, look for the sign for Trollstigen, RV 63. Drive 6 km towards Trollstigen.


If you have problems, please contact us on telephone +47 91 39 01 05 and we will help you.

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